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Thursday, January 18, 2007

How well do u no me?

Hello, this is a quiz from ure friendly neighborhood Robert seeing how well u no me.
  1. What is my favorite color?

  2. red
    why should i care

  3. What do i love to do most out of these things?

  4. Drawing

  5. What was teh first song on my myspace?

  6. Ultimate Showdown
    Peanut Butter Jelly Time
    Cant Touch This

  7. Who r my 1st cousins?

  8. Kit, Gretta, Jacob, Will
    Solly, Uriel, Austin
    John, George, Bill, Al
    i dont give a care!

  9. Am i honest?

  10. always
    almost always
    shut up u big liar
    not sure

  11. Wat r my two famous songs?

  12. OMFG WTF its Ariel and Go Robert
    I Luv life and OMG ITS SUNNY OUT
    Candy Shop and U're Beautiful
    Chocolate Bannana and Songs based on names of ppl i no

  13. Hamorah Lisette gives me an evil look and says "COHEN" wat do i say

  14. I hve a life too ya no!
    Plz dont kill me.
    Hey wats up!

  15. Which teacher did I hte more thn nything in 6th grd? (This teacher returned teh hate as well)

  16. Lisette

  17. I walk into a party, what do i do?

  18. Start Talking
    Start Dancing
    Sit/stand in a corner and act all depressed
    i dont go to parties

  19. Ure mom! (wat would i say)

  20. Ok
    that's great
    all of teh above

Monday, January 15, 2007

How Compatible Are We? (Guys Only)

You can take this quiz before you decide to email me
  1. What are some of your goals / achievements?

  2. Get a college degree, buy a house, settle down & raise kids, then save up for a stylish retirement
    Get a college degree, buy a house, travel as much as possible and live life to the fullest
    Get a college degree, buy a house, raise kids, travel as much as possible and save for retirement
    Buy a house near family, raise kids and save up for a stylish retirement
    Buy a house, travel as much as possible and live life to the fullest. I don't want kids.

  3. What would be considered a great date for you?

  4. Camping, having a few beers & roasting marshmellows over an open fire
    Candlelit dinner, drinks by the fireplace and good conversation
    A night on the town, bar hopping and playing pool
    Having a nice dinner, followed by drinks at the sports bar
    Pizza, drinks & a comedy; then it's on to the arcade to play a few games of darts & some skeeball

  5. I think Adult Swim is:

  6. Awesome! I watch it religiously
    I like it, but I've only watched it a few times
    It's okay when there's nothing else on
    I'm not a fan
    What's Adult Swim???

  7. Girls Gone Wild is:

  8. Hot
    It's okay but I've seen better
    I'm all for porn, but taking cheap shots of drunk girls isn't my thing
    I think I saw my sister on there once!
    I'm not really into porn

  9. I prefer a girl who:

  10. has a sense of humor, is loyal and likes to be taken care of. Appearances aren't everything
    is intelligent & average looking but fantastic in bed
    is intelligent, goal oriented and independent. It's okay if she's more successful than I am
    is confident, looks good & takes care of her body. I don't mind high maintenance women
    is old-fashioned and likes to stay at home to take care of her family

  11. My views on abortion are:

  12. Pro-life. Abortion is murder
    Pro-choice. It's a woman's body and she should be free to choose what she wants to do
    that it's a great thing. It's gotten me out of a scrape or two
    that men should have a say in it. It's not fair that women have choices & men have obligations
    I don't know enough about the issue

  13. I would consider myself most likely to be:

  14. a good ol' country boy
    old-fashioned Christian man
    an open-minded, non-judgmental person
    a fun party guy with a good sense of humor
    a man's man. Football and cars are the spice of life.

  15. When it comes to finances, I:

  16. can spend, spend, spend! I love having a good time and not worrying about the costs
    am a little loose. I don't mind spending more than I make. I can pay it back later
    sometimes spend more than I make, but I'm usually good at sticking to a budget
    follow my budget exactly as planned
    am very frugal and don't like spending money

  17. If it were just me & my girlfriend, my ideal vacation would be:

  18. partying in Las Vegas
    taking a cruise to Alaska
    backpacking through Europe
    relaxing in the Bahamas
    checking out the hash bars in Amsterdam

  19. My relationship with my mother was/is:

  20. great. She always lent me money or helped me out when I needed her to
    great, but she insisted that I learn from my mistakes and didn't help as much as I wished she had
    good. I resent some of the things she's done but overall, she did okay for what life dealt to her
    Not good. We fought often. She knows how to push my buttons & get on my nerves easily.
    I never knew my mother

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The apathy quiz

Are you exhausted by decision-making? Tired of a cornucopia of choices, none of which actually express your point of view? Try this quiz. Or, don't try this quiz. WAIT! That's a choice. On second thought, try this quiz, yeah, definitely (I think).

For each statement, AGREE or DISAGREE
  1. The problem of world poverty is one that we can solve in our lifetimes.

  2. Not sure
    It depends...

  3. There is real "good" in the world, independent of the notion of God.

  4. I don't understand the question
    Have not considered this

  5. Regardless of bad choices, everyone deserves a chance for happiness

  6. Who are you talking about?

  7. Sending more soldiers can never bring us closer to peace and justice

  8. maybe
    I don't know

  9. The future looks bright if we care about each other and the world

  10. possible? yes - probable? I don't know
    which future?

Here's what your score means:
If you completed the quiz (scoring 0-0) you don't care.
If you couldn't complete the quiz, there's hope.