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Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Quiz

If U take My Quiz, U Better Get A High Score
  1. What Is My Middle Name?

  2. Dominique

  3. What Is My Favorite Color

  4. The Rainbow

  5. What Is Brian's Middle Name?

  6. Antoine

  7. What Is My Favorite Show?

  8. Martin
    Flavor Of Love
    Good Times
    106 And Park

  9. What School Do I Go To?

  10. Carver
    New Era

U better Get 100 or AT LEAST between higheer than a 75

Friday, October 27, 2006

Understanding Computers and Computer Literacy

Please answer all questions
Each question is worth 10 points each
  1. The world's largest network is

  2. an extranet
    an intranet
    the Internet
    the World Wide Web

  3. Computers on a network are called

  4. nodes

  5. The Internet evolved from

    mid-range servers

  7. ____________ is text, numbers, sound, images, or video

  8. Software

  9. Computers have been around for more than __________ years

  10. 20

  11. ________ is a group of 2 or more computers systems linked together via communication device.

  12. server

  13. A(n)_______________ is the fastest type of computer

  14. mainframe computer
    handheld computer
    notebook computer

  15. What is anything on the computer that you can see or touch

  16. software

Monday, October 23, 2006

Are A Skank!

This Is Just A Test..............
Void If This Doesn't Apply To You..
You Know Your A Skank If......
  1. You know your a skank if...

  2. you drive a piece of shit...
    you drive a BMW.

  3. You know your a skank if..

  4. your clothes have a designer label.
    if your clothes have cartoon characters on them.

  5. You know your a skank if..

  6. You don't have your children..
    You see them 24/7..

  7. You know your a skank if..

  8. Can Excell In Your Proffesion.
    You work at a fast food joint..

  9. You know your a skank if..

  10. If you wear trashy black eyeliner everyday.
    You wear pretty -n- pink..

  11. You know your a skank if ...

  12. You have your own place..
    you live with a friend...

  13. You know your a skank if..

  14. You date a married man.
    Find a eligible bachelor.

  15. You know your a skank if..

  16. All of your underwear are from wal-mart..
    You shop at Victoria's Secret.

  17. You know your a skank if..

  18. Your hair part starts at your left ear.
    Your hair is nicely groomed to show to the world..

  19. You know your a skank if..

  20. You alternate flippies and they all have a shade of pink.
    You wear the same shoes everyday.

Ready to Lay Low, Date or Be in a Relationship?

Take this quiz guys!
  1. When was your last relationship?

  2. Just got out of a complicated thing with my ex but we were a bad match, I'm ready to move on now.
    I was with a girl a few months ago. We broke up and I didn't hang out with any girls for a while.
    I have dated around but it really isn't doing anything for me anymore. I've had a few girlfriends.

  3. What's your ideal Saturday night?

  4. Well it used to be going out with my ex girlfriend and I's mutual friends but now the same thing?
    Dinner and a movie.
    I would love to have a long talk with someone interesting but I usually just go with my friends.

  5. Who's your ideal match?

  6. Someone totally opposite my ex in every way!
    I'm not sure yet.
    Someone who makes me a better man and helps me to grow, who challenges me, and know myself better.

  7. What song best describes your mood towards women lately?

  8. “Better Off Without You” by the Clarks
    “So Many Girls” by Retrofitted for Today
    “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield

  9. How much time would you want to spend with a lovely lady?

  10. I really like being in a relationships! I'm a relationship guy!
    Ummm...trying to figure that out.
    Someone who wants to spend time with me on a regular basis, no matter how busy we both are.

  11. Who is in your Myspace top 8?

  12. My ex's friends and family members, but dude they are my friends too!
    My best friends and some girls I like but don't like me like that.
    My best friends and some of their girlfriends.

  13. Who do you turn to when you need a woman’s opinion?

  14. My friend Rachael, who I knew before my ex, even though they are friends too.
    I don’t really know that many girls, I guess my friend Cari, she has a boyfriend.
    My best bro’s wife, she kicks ass.

  15. Which of these celebrity relationships do you admire?

  16. Eric and the Little Mermaid, fuck Vanessa/Ursula, she’s evil!
    I don’t really pay attention to that shit. Jessica and that Maroon 5 guy, they seemed casual.
    Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman. They seem to make each other really happy.

  17. What’s your goal for this year?

  18. To be super successful and have a cooler girlfriend with whom I have more in common.
    I need to focus on my career, and figure out what I’m doing with my life.
    I want to enjoy life more- slow down, spend more time with my friends and family, and have more