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Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Quiz

ure about to take a quiz all about me!!!!
  1. what is my fav. sport???

  2. soccer
    volley ball
    basket ball
    soft ball

  3. whats my fav. food???

  4. thai
    sea food

  5. whats my fav. color???

  6. purple

  7. who was my home room teacher last year???

  8. mrs matutia
    mr ekblad
    mr chin
    mrs masiello

  9. what is my fav. subject in school???

  10. math

  11. how many people r in my family???

  12. 3

  13. how many siblings do i have???

  14. 1

  15. whens my birthday???

  16. jan 19
    aug 5
    june 24
    sept 6

  17. what color r my eyes???

  18. green

  19. what do i enjoy doing

  20. reading

u have now finished the quiz ( but u'd know that all ready, rigth?!?!)

Anphibians Quiz

Here is a cool quiz to see how much you know about anphibians. If you want to get a higher score read my website and try again!
Good luck!
  1. Where do anphibians live?

  2. In a house.
    In the sea.
    On the land and underwater.

  3. What are the three main amphibians?

  4. Log, cat and bird.
    Salamander, Frog and Caecilians
    Tiger, dog and train.

  5. How many legs do Caecilians have?

  6. 2

  7. what is an amphibians skin like?

  8. Does not have skin
    Smooth and moist and sometimes rough and spiny
    Has feathers

  9. Anphibians spend their first stage of life....

  10. in the sky
    in ponds

  11. Some anphibians have bright colours on their skin to...

  12. Look pretty and cool.
    Warn of poison
    be easily seen

  13. Adult salamanders are usually...

  14. 10-20cm long
    12-15cm long
    23-24cm long

  15. Frogs tounges are...

  16. short and fat
    longer than your arm
    long and sticky

  17. Frogs can find their way back to their habitat by....

  18. their handy-dandee map!
    the position of the stars and their sense of smell.
    a compass

  19. Frogs communicate by..

  20. Croaking
    texting each other
    Emails and letters

Thank you for taking the time to do my quiz! I hope you enjoyed my website!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Jeli's Quizzzzzz

  1. What Is My Dog's Name??

  2. Spot

  3. What Is My Favorite Color???

  4. Orange

  5. What is my favorite drink?

  6. Milk.
    Mountain Dew
    Strawberry Kool-Aid

  7. What Elementary School Did I Go To?

  8. Edison

  9. Whats My Favorite Store???

  10. Wal Mart

  11. What Is My Zodiac Sign???

  12. Libra

  13. What is my favorie food?

  14. Cheese Pizza
    Ice cream
    Cheese Burgers

  15. What Of The Following Do I Love The Most???

  16. My Loving Puppy

  17. Will I Be A Super Star???

  18. Yes
    Sure, Why Not?

  19. What is my favorite word Or Phrase??

  20. Dude!
    Oh My Gawd!!

Hope U Did Well!

Monday, August 07, 2006

How well do you know Jessica?

So i bet you all think you know me pretty well, well, youd be surprised at what you DONT know about me... if you think you are man/woman enough to answer the challenge... then bring it on... the quiz is waiting... mwah hahahahah
  1. What was my self proclaimed high school nick name?

  2. Jessieyums
    J to the LC
    J Cah

  3. What dessert would i NEVER pass up?

  4. Chocolate covered strawberries
    Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting
    Key Lime Pie

  5. Where is the one vacation spot i would most like to go to?

  6. Hawaii
    Paris France
    Beijing China
    San Francisco

  7. What did i name my kitten?

  8. Paws

  9. What am i majoring in at college?

  10. Psycology
    Elementary Education

  11. When (and if) i have a son, what would i name him?

  12. Jonathan Daniel
    Alexander David
    Matthew Adam
    Lucas William

  13. What accessory went with BOTH of my prom ensembles?

  14. a diamond necklace
    crystal earrings
    a tiara
    4 inch high heeled shoes

  15. What was the model and year of my first car?

  16. 96 Neon
    88 Sentra
    90 Pacifica
    92 Jetta

  17. What belt am i in my martial arts following?

  18. Junior black belt
    Third degree black belt
    Brown belt
    Orange belt

  19. If you asked me to make ONE wish for anything, what would i wish for?

  20. To get through college
    To fix my car
    Lots of cash
    To marry the man of my dreams (*cough* matt *cough*)

ok so the worst is over... facile non? well now i guess you can see what you got... go ahead... push the button, you know you want to...

Figure Out Frances Quiz

So, U think U got Me figured out? We'll see...
  1. As U know, I LUV food- my favorite FOOD is:

  2. Everything! (Obese!)
    Ice-cream... if it was considered food.
    Of course ice-cream is food! But U can't forget las tammales
    It's gotta be the dairy! Milk & cheese...New York Cheese Cake... yummy!

  3. Life is acting & we all play a part: What character do I MOST relate to?

  4. Xena: The Warrior Princess
    Agent Dana Scully from "The X files"
    Felicity Porter
    Lucy Ricardo from "I Love Lucy"

  5. My taste in music vastly varies... BUT those who truly speak to my soul are:

  6. Jewel, The Canberries, Shakria, & Fiona Apple
    Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, Sarah McLachlan, & Jewel
    Jewel, Tracy Chpman, James Blunt, & The Goo Goo Dolls
    Alanis Morissette, Jewel, Shakria, & Tracy Champan

  7. I am an only child who:

  8. Has found my close friends to be siblings/family.
    Attempts to be a 'soul & spirit-sister' to all of humanity.
    Believes in her solitude & introverted life style.
    Had an older animal brother named Cuckoo & now a younger one named Puppster

  9. In my youth, I made films (home-videos) about:

  10. Jurassic Park (JP)
    My own version of JP
    The X files
    Xena: Warrior Princess

  11. My movie-star hubby now is:

  12. Josh Hartnett
    Russell Crowe
    David Duchovny
    Health Ledger

  13. What turns me OFF the most is:

  14. BIG-HEADEDNESS (egotism)
    SELFISHNESS (egotism + greed)
    TRUE-LOVE (oh, please- its too ideal!)

  15. If I had a life-motto it would be:

  16. It's all about self-sacrifice!
    Live as though you would die tomorrow
    Life: You live, You learn, & then You sux it up!
    Love conquers everything... yes, even karma...

~So, did U really figure me out???
"We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die."

How will do you know me NOW?

  1. What is the name of my youngest child?

  2. Chris

  3. Where Do I live?

  4. California

  5. Where was I Born?

  6. Hawaii

  7. How Many Years have I been married?

  8. 10

  9. Where am I going on my next vacation?

  10. To Texas to visit with Gena and Connie
    California to see relatives
    Hawaii on a family vacation
    No where

  11. Who Did I have Linch with last week for Xanga?

  12. KolesMimi

Hope that you know me alittle better after the past few weeks..... Xanga Friends......

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Boat or Plane

I am a Forensic Psychology major and I love to know about my own personality. So I decided to develop a new question that would tell about personality types. This quiz is my question and, after asking about 700 people within a few months, I saw that it had a 97% correlation of being right!

I wanted it to be cute, fun, easy to remember and short... BUT that also truly showed some worth as a psychological statement of one's personality. I was so impressed with the high correlation that I
copyrighted this "test".
  1. If money were no object, would you buy a boat or a small, personal airplane ?

  2. Boat

If you chose...

BOAT: this indicates that you do not always set your goals / expectations high enough. This may cause you to feel unfulfilled as you seem to "settle" in many places within your life (marriage, job, etc). When you wish to "escape" you probably find yourself close to home and / or limit yourself to geographical places that you are familiar with to some extent.

PLANE: you set your goals / expectations high; while most are realistice, some may be hard to reach. However you do not typically or easily lose sight of them. When you want to "escape" you have no problem going to unfamiliar places. For you the "sky truly is the limit".

Are you a girly girl?

Trying to find your true style? Wanna know if theirs a girly girl inside of you? Take the quiz and find out!
  1. Your fave lipstick colour?

  2. Pink

  3. Do you wear frilly skirts?

  4. All the time!
    Not in a million years!

  5. Are you a shopaholic?

  6. Yes! I shop all the time
    Sort of, but i don't do it every second
    No way!

  7. For a disco do you wear:

  8. A cute top with a pink frilly skirt
    What evers the latest fashion
    Nothing! I don't even go!

  9. Whats your fave colour?

  10. Pink
    Colours that aren't pink and black
    Dark colours like black and grey

  11. Do you read horoscopes?

  12. Yes

  13. Do you play sports?

  14. Only shopping

  15. What is your fave pet?

  16. Cats
    Anything but cats
    I hate pets!

  17. Your dream holiday would be in:

  18. Paris
    A troical country
    I hate travelling

  19. What type of books do you read?

  20. Fashion mags
    The hottest reads
    I don't read

My Quiz!

Gud luck peeps lets c ow much u all know me ?
  1. what are mi fave colours?

  2. blue n pink
    gold n pink
    pink n purple

  3. what do i do mosty at weekends ?

  4. sleep at dads
    go on msn
    go katie's

  5. who r mi best m8s at home? !!

  6. katie n lea
    holly n racheal
    beki n katie

  7. whens mi b day ?

  8. 27th february
    7 th april
    27th january

  9. who do i live with ?

  10. mum sis n dad
    martin sis n mum
    mum n sis

  11. what colours mi room ?

  12. pink n silver
    blue n gold
    purple n silver

  13. who is mi fav disney character ?

  14. minnie mouse
    winnie the pooh

  15. who are mi fave actresses ?

  16. mary-kate n ashley
    ruby n stacy (eastenders)
    linsey lohan n hillary duff

  17. what was mi fave pressie for crimbo ?

  18. phone
    mini moto

  19. what mi goldfish called?

  20. fatty

hope u know me as well as ya fink gud luk!!