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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Are you Average

*****find out if ur average?********.....or Not
  1. Do you do lots of Stupid Things?

  2. Yes

  3. Do you ever Ask Stupid Questions?

  4. Omg All the Time

  5. Do u have lots of of those moments when you can't remember how to spell a easy word?

  6. uhh Ya

  7. Do you wish you were smarter?

  8. uhmm no im Brillant!
    ya i always wish i was smarter

  9. Do you have A Life Plan?

  10. Yes i Plan my days Out all the time
    Naw! i live Day-to-Day

  11. Do you think Sports are just anotyher way to Attracted people?

  12. Yes its the best thing u can to!
    NO thats stupid

  13. Do you ever think you could have a shot at being the next Prime Minister?

  14. it could happen!
    in a million years

  15. Do you Think your Average?

  16. no

Press grade me and lets plz hope ur average!!!!!PLZ

Friday, August 04, 2006

Woooo, a quiz about me!!!

Woot, a quiz about me! It's pretty easy if you've talked to me before. I'll make a much harder one later... if i feel like it...
  1. Firstly, what's my favorite color?

  2. green

  3. Easy question. Which do i favor?

  4. Playstation 3
    Nintendo Wii
    XBox 360
    I don't play video games

  5. What kind of sports or "sports" do i like?

  6. baseball

  7. What is a phrase i'd most likely say in a conversation?

  8. "You know what I'm sayin'?"
    "*curses a lot*"
    "so i was like ... and like.... she was all like..."

  9. Favorite book?

  10. The Hobbit
    The Dragon Returns
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings

  11. What store would you most likely see me at?

  12. Anchor Blue
    Game Quest
    Thrift store
    Hot Topic

  13. Favorie Hero?

  14. Sonic, Link, Cloud
    Superman, Spiderman
    Mario Brothers

  15. First impression?

  16. loud and rowdy impression
    mild, laid-back impression
    shy and quiet impression
    cold impression

  17. What kinda clothes do i most often wear?

  18. a cute shirt and cute jeans
    just a plain t-shirt and baggy pants
    tight, leathery clothes
    black, goth-like clothes

  19. What is my favorite food?

  20. cheeses

thank you for taking my quiz! Be prepared for my next one! It'll be super tough!!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rude boy, Rocker or boy next door?

  1. What music would you like him to listen?

  2. 50 Cent
    James Blunt

  3. What would you like him to wear?

  4. A hoodie, denim jacket and low jeans
    Black hoodie, low jeans and skater shoes
    A yellow t shirt , jeans and flip flops

  5. Where would you like him to hang out?

  6. The skate park
    The arcade
    The park

  7. What hair style would you like him to have?

  8. Gelled spikes
    Bed head

  9. What's his favourite accesory?

  10. His phone
    His knife
    His Skateboard

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So you think you know your M*A*S*H?

So you think you know everything about M*A*S*H eh? Well Surely you jest!
  1. What town is Hawlkeye from?

  2. Boston
    Crabapple Cove

  3. Mr. Winchester is head of a Hospital in what city?

  4. Pittsburgh
    Crabapple Cove

  5. What does Col. Potter do thats very artistic?

  6. Rides Horses
    Listens to music
    Dresses in womans attire

  7. Klinger is dressing in womans attire to get a section ______?

  8. 1

  9. What is the title of the theme song?

  10. Suicide is Painless
    Johnny Mandel
    Welcome to Hell
    A tale of two surgons

  11. What is the dwelling of the surgens nicknamed?

  12. Hell
    The Swamp
    Mess Tent

  13. What is Radars real name?

  14. Bobby

  15. What is the title of the last episode?

  16. Amen
    Good Night, Farewell, and Amen
    Thats all folk's
    Thank God Its Over

  17. When General Magarther came for a visit, Klinger dressed up as _____

  18. Lady Madonna
    Judy Garland
    Lucy Recardio
    The Statue of Liberty

  19. What author/poet, can Dr. Winchester qutoe from memory?

  20. Penosia
    Mark Twain

Thanks for taking my quiz! I hope now you relize who really knows their M*A*S*H!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Are you my perfect girl?

  1. What video games do you play?

  2. adventure/rpg/mmorpgs
    puzzle/action/simulations(sims type)

  3. Do you drink?

  4. Alot(daily)
    Rarely(a couple of times a year)
    Wouldn't touch the stuff

  5. Whats your favorite thing about travelling?

  6. New things

  7. If someone had a winning lottery ticket and didn't know it would you take it from them? How?

  8. Bash them over the head and take it.
    Ask them for it.
    Trick them into giving it up.
    Tell them that they have it or just ignore the fact that they do.

  9. Do you take any prescription or OTC medications?

  10. Anti-Anxiety
    Headache/Flu/Ove the counter stuff when i feel sick

  11. Whats your highest level of education?

  12. Still Going/Have a degree
    Some College
    High School
    Dropped out of high school/GED

  13. Whats the longest you've ever had a job

  14. Never
    a year
    3-6 months
    Less than 1 month

  15. Are you political? What are your political beliefs?

  16. Conservative

  17. Whats your financial state?

  18. Great

  19. Who is your favorite

  20. Chris Rock
    Christopher Walkens
    Hillary Duff
    Paris Hilton

  21. Do you have a plan for your life?

  22. Yes a damn good one to
    No i'm not sure
    No but i don't want to keep doing this my whole life.
    Yes I want to get married and have a family

  23. Do you go to church?

  24. Yes
    No, I don't have time to.
    No, I don't Believe in God
    No, but only because i haven't found a church I like

  25. What kind of music do you listen to?

  26. Hardcore/Metal
    Country/Hip Hop/Rap

  27. Are You Nerdy?

  28. Just act like it sometimes/Other kind of Nerd
    Yes, Bookworm
    Yes, Games or Computer Nerd

  29. Which would be your favorite evening?

  30. Dinner & a Movie
    Hanging out with friends
    Watching TV

  31. Can you...

  32. Play an instrument?
    Write a program?
    none of the others

  33. Food preference

  34. Seafood/Italian
    Try anything once, probably twice
    Not sure. Kind of picky

  35. Kids?

  36. 0
    3or more

  37. Natural Hair Color

  38. Brown

  39. Favorite

  40. Walmart/Target/Walgreens
    Gap/Old Navy/clothing
    Hastings/Best Buy/Bookstore/Blockbuster
    Thrift Store