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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ñoño magico quiz

Quiz para saber que tan ñoño magico eres

Cortesia de Remy ^^
  1. Has leido Harry Potter...

  2. Los libros que he podido (no todos)
    Todos los libros
    Todos los libros y en ingles
    Todos los libros ademas de fanfics y libros pertenecientes al mundo de Harry Potter

  3. Cuando tines un libro de Harry Potter

  4. Esperaste a las 12 de la noche el dia que salio para conseguirlo
    Lo leiste toda la noche despues de haberlo conseguido
    Lo lees lo mas rapido posible (aunque no hayas podidlo leerlo en una noche o dia)
    Lo lees pausadamente, cuando tienes tiempo, sin apuro
    Lo usas de tope de puerta

  5. En cuanto a las peliculas

  6. Las has visto todas
    Solo algunas
    Has ido a mas de un estreno de ellas
    Has participado con un cine para el lanzamiento de una de ellas
    No te gustan las peliculas de Harry Potter

  7. Has usado vestimenta perteneciente a Hogwarts o al mundo de Harry Potter

  8. Si
    Hecha por ti
    De alumno, apesar de ya no ser escolar en la realidad
    Mas de un tipo de vestimenta
    Para parecerte a alguno de los personajes de los libros

  9. Has escrito fanfics de Harry Potter

  10. Si
    Mas de uno
    Lo has puplicado en alguna pagina
    Lo has publicado y se ha hecho famoso

  11. Tienes ademas de los libros, articulos u objetos relacionados con Harry Potter (Peluches etc)

  12. Si
    Mas de 10 objetos
    Tienes un album, ademas con recortes de noticias sobre Harry Potter
    Coleccionas todo lo que has podido encontrar sobre Harry Potter
    Has hecho tu

  13. Has hecho fanatico a alguien de Harry Potter

  14. Si
    A mis amigos y/o familia
    Si y nos juntamos a discutir sobre Harry Potter
    Nos hacemos bromas relacionadas con Harry Potter
    Has llegado a pensar que de verdad estan en el mundo de Harry Potter

  15. Has lanzado hechizos

  16. Entre tu grupo de amigos
    A gente que conoces pero que no conocen Harry Potter
    A gente que no conoces
    En la calle y has asustado gente
    En la calle y has fingido haberber recibido algun hechizo y haber actuabo bajo los efectos de este

  17. Participas en alguna pagina o comunidad de Harry Potter

  18. Si
    Estas suscrito a más de una
    Si y le inviertes mucho tiempo libre
    Si y has participado u organizado eventos relacionados con Harry Potter
    Administras una

  19. J K Rowling

  20. ¿Quie es?
    Tienes la intencion de conocerla algun dia
    Has tenido fantacias conociendola
    Esperas conocerla algun dia y que te diga que el mundo de magia de Harry Potter es real
    Ya le has escrito a su sitio oficial haciendole esa pregunta

Relief for Jobless/Promoting Reocovery Quiz

Hoepfully you payed attention during the presentation because here is a quiz.
  1. What does CCC stand for and what was their purpose?

  2. Civil Command Center and they hired women for the navy
    Captain Crunch Cereal and they produced new cereals for little kids
    Civilian Conservation Corps and they hired single men between ages 18-25 for various work

  3. What does WPA stand For and did critics agree or disagree with the whole organization?

  4. Works Progress Administration and critics agreed
    Women's Practice of Astronomy
    Works Progress Administration and critics disagreed

  5. What werer two factors of the Great Depression that hurt business?

  6. xbox and ipods
    overproduction and declining prices
    boycotts and overproduction

  7. When did Roosevelt take office?

  8. 1932

  9. What did Congress set up to enforce the new codes?

  10. The National Recovery Administration
    The Industrial Recovery Organization

  11. What did NIRA set up and did it help the recovery?

  12. Private Works Administration
    Public Works Administration
    Womens National Basketball Association

  13. What was the Tennesse Valley Authority's purpose?

  14. Remake the Tennesse River Valley
    Start the Tennesee Titans
    Rebuild the Mountains of Tennesee

  15. What act did congress pass to help out the farmers?

  16. Agricultural Adjustment Act
    The Farmers Rebelion Act
    Agricultural Association Act

  17. Did the Tennessee Valley Authority spark debates?

  18. Yes

  19. About how many Americans were out of work byt he time Roosevelt took office

  20. 12 milion
    13 million

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Personality Test

Everone has a persoality, but not everone can find theirs so this will tell you what your exact personality is!
  1. What kind of animals do you like?

  2. Forest animals, like bears,deer, and racoons
    pond animals, like frogs, polywogs, and muskrats
    Ocean animals, like, dolphins, whales, and fish
    Farm animals, like, Cows Chickens, and horses
    rainforest animals, like snakes, monkeys, and sloths

  3. What kind of music do you listen to?

  4. rock

  5. What kind of cookies do you eat?

  6. Chocolate Chip
    I don't like cookies

  7. How much fashion do you think you have?

  8. I don't look half as good as every one else
    I'm am so HOTT!
    I stay with the latest trends
    I am totally original
    I don't dress exactly like everyone else, but a don't stand out

  9. How "rich" do you think you are?

  10. I am filthy stinkin' rich
    I am above averge
    poor(below average)
    a hobo with a computer and internet access

  11. What is your favorite food?

  12. Pasta

  13. What do you like to do in your spare time?

  14. Watch T.V.
    Use the Computer
    What spare time?

  15. If you could play any insturment, what would you play?

  16. fiddle/violin
    wind insterment,like a flute
    I don't want to play an insturment

  17. How do you describe your weight?

  18. I'm a cow!
    I am a little over weight
    I'm dieting
    I am just right
    I'm sooo skinny, I need to go on the McDonalds diet!!

  19. What is your "catch phrase"?

  20. rad/radicil
    oh dang
    what the heck, I don' have a catch phrase!!!

Great job! The test wasn't that hard and if you think it was...it's over now.

Why are you weird?

Well , this will show if you are stranger than you think or are you just boring?
  1. Hello?

  2. wat
    i see blue bunnies

  3. Favorite thing to do.

  4. stalk people mainly my love of two days (me: ok, that's weird)
    eat ,watch tv normal stuff
    wat?( me: wat are you on?)

  5. Any Pets.

  6. does my invisible friend count?
    i own a zoo
    ha! (me:you are so weird)

  7. Is there a history of weirdness in your family?

  8. no, maybe , slighly
    wat are you on?

  9. what do you think of when i say bljljadjfdlj lf?

  10. wtf
    finally someone understands me

  11. ..............

  12. cheese!
    no, it's mouse!
    that's not even a question

  13. wat do i put

  14. i have a tail , actually two ( me: you can't be serious)
    i don't know

  15. Did you like my quiz?

  16. mflelum (me: you creep me out even more)
    it was so super duper
    ................yeah hmm................
    sure? (me: sure wat?) back off

thanks for taking my quiz.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Linda and Jenn's Charmed Quiz

This is the best Charmed Quiz ever, Anupriya and Rashmi!!!!!!!!!! (and other people who are friends with us like Kirby even though she hates Charmed but too bad)
  1. Who are the Charmed ones?

  2. Prue, Piper, Phoebe, Paige
    Erica, Carson, Rashmi, Pattie
    Andy, Daryll, Leo, Roger
    My Grandparents

  3. How much do you love Charmed?

  4. It's okay.
    I love it as much as I love cake!!!!!!!!
    I hate Charmed.
    um..... what's Charmed?

  5. Which sister is the first to die?

  6. Phoebe
    My Grandma

  7. Who is Cole?

  8. Phoebe's Demon boyfriend
    Erica's old friend who haunts her dreams
    My Grandma
    Prue's ex-boyfriend

  9. What is the name of their cat?

  10. Kitty Kat
    Grandma Cat

  11. Who is Wyatt?

  12. There is no Wyatt!
    My Grandma
    Piper and Leo's son.
    Phoebe's boyfriend.

  13. Who is Brendan?

  14. There is no Brendan!
    Carson's life-long love
    My Grandma.
    Leo's friend.

  15. Why did Shannen Doherty (Prue) leave Charmed?

  16. What are you talking about!!!!!!!
    She didn't get along with Alyssa Milano.
    My Grandma didn't like her.
    She got voted off Charmed.

  17. Who gave the Charmed sisters their powers?

  18. Phoebe
    My Grandma.

  19. Who is Leo?

  20. A white lighter.
    Piper's husband.
    My Grandma.
    A and B