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Saturday, March 25, 2006

What Final Fantasy X character are you?

  1. Have you ever been in love?

  2. NO! Oh,no!
    Yeah,I have a boyfriend right now!
    Yeah,and I never leave her side.
    Not really,but I'm using some one.
    Well....I'm adding to my list.
    I like to flirt often.
    No! It's nasty and a waste of time!

  3. Are you good at thinking and waiting?

  4. I'd rather sit through all day math!
    No,I hate it!
    I'm too crazy and twisted to think!
    I can do that.
    Yes,I am always patient and thoughtful.
    I'd rather not.
    yeah,patience is the better part of valore.
    It's good to do sometimes.

  5. Do you like sports?

  6. Yeah!You name it,I play it!
    I will play them for fun.
    Yeah,I want to be/am a coach.
    I'll just watch.
    I despise sports.
    Well, I could play......
    I'd rather not play.

  7. You are........

  8. Quiet but powerful.
    Agorrant,selfish,funny,and social!
    Hyper and active.
    Kind and thoughtful.
    Crazy,eccentric,twisted,and a bastard.
    Jokable,cheerful,and religous.
    Gothy yet axcious.
    Mysterious,knowledgable,and busy.

  9. You got hit on the head with a ball,what do you do?

  10. HEY!
    Who did that?
    Just be thankful I don't know who threw it.
    Whoever threw it's gonna die!
    You throw it back at whoever you think threw it.
    Throw a bomb!

  11. Do you like swimming?

  12. YEAH!
    Uh-huh,let's play volleyball!
    And mess up my hair.....no thanks!
    I'll swim a little.
    I don't know how,I'm mentle so I never learned.
    I can,but I'd rather not.

  13. Where do you wanna live?

  14. Bevelle od Besaid.
    ZANARKAND....and don't mention the one in Spira!
    I'm happy at besaid.
    At Home,in the desert.
    Mount Gagazet.

  15. Wardrobe?

  16. Sports uniform.
    White top and a blue skirts fine.
    Black dress.
    A pair of jaens is okay with me.
    Crazy stuuf thats eccentric.
    Trench coat,jeans,and a shirts okay.
    Shorts and a tank top.

  17. What is most important in battle?

  18. Healing power and aeons.
    Little bit of everything.
    Element magic.

  19. Final Question.......

  20. YES!
    Took long enough.
    Pleasure doing the quiz.
    Good,this was too much on my head.
    Okay bye.

About me

ok u think u know me okay okay go ahead knock urself out smarty pants i wanna see how well u know me!!!!!!
  1. am i a virgin???

  2. maybe so if i consider "oral" still being as virgintity safe
    only in my mommas eyes haha LOL
    in my dreams
    Not even near being a virgin hahah LOL

  3. what do i call brenda???

  4. chad lee
    cara de burro
    downer face
    wing lee

  5. what is my dream??

  6. To be a bum on the corner
    to sell stuff on ebay
    to write my life story
    to live in new york

  7. Who is my hero??

  8. Chad lee
    the bum on the corner
    mitch ( wannabe white trash miguel)

  9. Have i ever been in love???

  10. with total assholes
    no only with my pillow
    havent even gotten to first base
    with my phone absolutely

  11. Is chad lee asian???

  12. maybe we dont know for sure
    he was born half n half mixed
    hes a homaphrodite
    hes white but thinks hes asian

  13. What makes me laugh??

  14. La downer face
    my stupidity
    talking shit
    almost running over people when i dont pay attention

so how did u score??? do u know me well enough???

La la la

Yeah, so this is best quiz you will ever take--really. After taking it, not only will you become enlightened like Buddha, but you will be that much more intellingent like Cummings, and just as beautiful as Brenda. So, all in all: You need to take this quiz. ^__^
  1. Easy ones first: What's my favorite color?

  2. Black
    Navy Blue

  3. Which (school) subject to I prefer?

  4. Math
    You don't like school. Period.

  5. My favorite ice cream flavor is:

  6. Strawberry
    Peanut Butter

  7. My favorite song of all time is:

  8. "Tonight, Tonight"--Smashing Pumpkins
    "Love Bites"--Def Leppard
    "Yes"--Manic Street Preachers
    "Faster"--Manic Street Preachers

  9. Oh, books! Which one's my favorite?

  10. "Memoirs of a Geisha"--Arthur Golden
    "Catch 22"--Joseph Heller
    "Light in August"--William Faulkner
    "The Joy Luck Club"--Amy Tan
    You have too many to pick.

  11. And now for the hard ones: What, according to me, is my biggest weakness?

  12. My empathy--I care for others to the point where it hurts.
    My cowardice--I'm afraid of being hurt, so I just run away.
    My parents--They are my biggest strength, yet are also my biggest weakness.
    My innocence--I'm too naive; I'm an idealist living in a realist world.
    Love--Those whom I chose to love I love without exhaust and without stop.

  13. How would I describe myself?

  14. Kind--I always try to help anyone and everyone with genuine sincerity.
    Intelligent--I think I'm smart, but am still striving to learn everything I can.
    Loyal--If I'm on your side, I stick by you no matter what.
    Weak--Everything just knocks me down.
    Empty--There is a great void inside of me that no one or anything will ever fill.

  15. My biggest fear?

  16. Spiders--AHHHH!!!
    Loneliness--Solitude is unbearable.
    Spontaneity--I am a slave of routine.
    Failure--It will be the death of my soul.
    Love--Oh, it hurts, and it scares me.

  17. My dream?

  18. To become a successful psychiatrist.
    To become a good writer.
    To make my parents proud.
    To get married, have children, and a happy home.
    You don't like to dream.

  19. The words I live my life by are:

  20. "I will find a way."
    "If you could get up the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed."
    "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."
    "He who has a why can endure any how."
    "Nothing lasts forever."

So, how did you do? Pretty bad, I bet.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Henk's Quiz

Let's see how you do.......
  1. What part of Toronto was I born in?

  2. Younge & St. Claire
    Younge & Eglington
    Jane & Finch

  3. What is my favourite food

  4. steak
    chicken wings

  5. Tough one: What was the name of the street in St. Catharines where we moved to from Toronto

  6. Lakeshore Road
    Richeleu Drive
    The Cedars
    The Pinery

  7. Who was my sports hero growing up

  8. Michael Jordan
    Isiah Thomas
    Ickey Woods
    Boomer Esiason

  9. What was my first official job

  10. Bus boy at pizza hut

  11. What was the name of my first girlfriend

  12. Sheri

  13. Another tough one: My title at WMKL is

  14. Manager
    Account Manager
    Account Supervisor

  15. My favorite restaurant is

  16. Mandarin
    The Keg
    Jack Astors
    Boston Pizza

  17. Which one was NOT the name of one of my pets growing up

  18. Cleo

  19. My favourite sports team is....

  20. Cincinnati Bengals
    Toronto Maple Leafs
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Toronto Raptors

score of.....
7-10 very impressive
5-6 not bad....
3-4 study harder....
0-2 do you even remember my name?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

HoT qUiZ

Hey PplZ HeRes A Lil QuIZ 4 Ya
ChEck It OuT
  1. HoW aRe We RelAteD?

  2. FrIeNdZ

  3. DO wE Go To Da SaMe SkOol?

  4. YeS

  5. ArE wE tHe SaMe Age?

  6. nO

  7. wHAt SkoOl dOeS sHaNaE Go To?

  8. SaNtA MaRiA
    sT MonIcAs

  9. WhAt SkoOl DOEs TaYlah gO 2?

  10. sAnTa MaRia
    St MoNiCas

  11. dO wE HaVe ThE SamE FaV NuM?

  12. nO

FaNx 4 DoiN DiS ThErEs gOnNa Be A nEw QuIz EveRy Monf

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Are you homosexual?

Find out if you are of the homesexual or heterosexual type.
  1. Do you prefer dating males?

  2. yes

  3. Do you frequently cross dress?

  4. All the time

  5. Do you spend most of the time looking in the mirror

  6. HECK YES!

  7. Do you play CounterStrike?

  8. Yes

  9. Do you dance around your house in your whitey tighties?

  10. ALL THE TIME!!!

  11. Are you in band?

  12. YEAH!

  13. Do you like romance?

  14. OF COURSE!

HAH! TAKE THAT!!!1!!one

How do you like us now?

Please be truthfull we wish to knwo what you think of us.
  1. How do you like our guild/"webbie"?

  2. its good... really!
    ehh, its ok i guess.
    I hate it.
    I love it!

Thank you!

Monday, March 20, 2006


its al abt mi.^^
  1. My favourite colors are

  2. black.white.purple

  3. My fav. singer

  4. Stefanie
    Fish Leong

  5. Guess how mani *8 in my ic.

  6. 2

  7. The part i most satisified with

  8. Nose
    My whole face!!!!!!^^

  9. My aspiration is to be..

  10. Painter
    Rich tai-tai>_<

  11. The most impt thing in mii life

  12. My aspiration

Sunday, March 19, 2006

More About Karen

  1. What's my first name?

  2. Peh

  3. My favourite flower

  4. Lily

  5. Colours i like

  6. Green, Pink, Blue
    White, Yellow, Red
    Grey, Green, White
    Black, Orange, Violet

  7. Which is more important

  8. Lip gloss

  9. Most wanted

  10. N6111
    GUESS? wallet
    Zinc bag